Jax in Love

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

Jax in love

Twenty minutes. What the hell could someone do with only twenty minutes? When it comes to short films, I’m left wondering how the hell anyone could create something that would thrill me but I’m always pleasantly surprised!

This is an award winning short film and I can only imagine the awards will keep rolling in. They’ve won, Best Actress in a Short – Nightmares Film Festival (No joke! Rakefet Abergel, the main character and writer of this film, killed it) and Best Horror Short – Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

This film is based around a young woman named Jax (Rakefet Abergel), who seems to have been dumped by her boyfriend and left in the desert. However, when her van breaks down and she is forced to start hitchhiking, the story takes a very different turn. When your stuck in the desert alone, what would you do to form a connection?

When I first started watching this film I was left thinking how unnatural the dialog and movements were. Why would she say that? Who does that? What? However, a minute later it all became clear to me and I was so very wrong! This film forces you to go back to your psych class notes to form a diagnosis of the characters. Mentally unstable? Check. Child-like state of mind? Check. Deep seated issues based on traumatic past event? Check!

The psychological aspect of the film was my favorite part! I love being able to watch a film and see just what made a character tick and why they do what they do. It’s the inner workings of a killer that makes them so interesting and this killer is truly twisted is a beautiful way! Another thing that makes this film so wonderful is the location. What a great setting for a horror movie! A lonely silent desert.

The cast and crew of Jax in Love brought the True Fear, which is everything Ubiquitous Horror is looking for in a film! This is one you should definitely go see and one I need to see more of… please? Pretty please?! But I really like you…


Cast and Crew

Director: Colin Campbell

Writer/Jax/Executive Producer: Rakefet Abergel

Executive Producer: Jory Weitz

Vince: John Gammon

Sunny: Devi Veysey

Jake: Ben Kacsandi

And so many more talented people!


Want to see this film? Don’t miss your chance!

Here are the upcoming screenings:

February 2018: Oregon Scream Week and Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

March 2018: Pasadena International Film Festival and Indie Horror Film Festival


Click here for more info on the film!


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