Movie Review: Hands


Movie Review by Siobahn Harris


This short plays on the fear that there’s a monster under our beds. However, in Crystal’s case, that really is true!

Hands is a micro-short horror film with a lovely drop of comedy rolled in. Here you have a girl staggering home drunk on a Friday night, the norm for Crystal, but this time she isn’t entering an empty apartment like she thinks.

Clocking in at only 3:37 long, it’s just a touch of horror fun. Check it out:

Something I loved about this film was how easily I could relate to Crystal (played by Tara Hutchison). I immediately thought, “Oh, I know that walk!” Crystal reminded me why my drinking days are behind me! Everything from the way she moves to the things she says was very realistic to me, which is something I look for in everything. I just want to thank Larry Alan (writer and director of Hands) for his flawless dialog. He knew what he was doing when writing this character and Tara Hutchison did a beautiful job bringing her to life. The Hands, which were played by both Jeff Young and Brandon Toigo, were creepy as hell, but I wanted to point out that the makeup job on them was spot on being just subtle enough to pop. While I don’t normally review comedy films, this one did a great job blurring the lines between creepy and funny.


The film was created by Antimity (the company that also created the short thriller Bad Baby), an independent production company that began as just a group of fans goofing around, but then grew into a group of people chasing their passion. Check out more about the company here.

Did the film bring True Fear, I would have to say no. However, it is definitely something that horror fans can appreciate. For those of us who throw themselves into dark and bloody horror on a daily basis, Hands is a way to take a moment to laugh while staying in our genre!



2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hands

  1. LOL!!! Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!! The hands were pretty handy!! 😀 Great review and great short!! Creepy and plays on a universal fear but than takes that little comic turn…Very nice!! Love that you include the shorts and/or trailers in some of your reviews!

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