Goodbye Old Friend

Movie Review by Siobahn Harris

Goodbye old friend

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all had some form of an imaginary friend when we were children. I was never the type to talk to thin air, no no, I was a much more of a visual child, I had a red wagon that I named Sarah. Yes, I used to drag around a small red wagon and talk to it, feel free to giggle! Maybe you used to talk to your dolls or a tree or maybe you created a friend out of stick, I don’t know your life! But my point is we’ve all been there. However, the film Goodbye Old Friend tells a tale about someone’s imaginary friend that can’t seem to let go.

I stumbled onto this film when I was looking through new posts on Vimeo. I was so pleasantly surprised with the story that was told in under six minutes that I knew it had to be my next review.

Written and directed by Rafael De Leon Jr., Goodbye Old Friend tells the story of Helen (played by Corrie Legge) whose new fiancé, Tyler (played by Aaron Dalla Villa) was just attacked by an unknown assailant. Now, trapped in her bedroom, she must find a way out after learning that her captor is her childhood friend.

I really loved this story because it is not one that I’ve seen touched before. I spent a lot of time thinking, did this girl summon a demon when she was a child? And honestly, I still think that could be the case. This was such a fun and creepy film! My absolute favorite part was when her loyalty was put to the test, so well done! I would love to see more work done by Rafael De Leon Jr. as he is someone with a beautifully twisted creative mind, and I can only imagine his work getting better!

Did this film bring the True Fear? Absolutely! While I wasn’t terrified, I was thrilled to see the fear they were able to fit into such a small amount of time.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Goodbye Old Friend

  1. Wow! That was scary! I found myself covering my eyes at one point and saying don’t open the door it’s a trick!! Great find and wonderful review!! And thanks for including it in your post so can all watch it too!

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